The Adoption Process

Contact Me!

Email or call me at (360) 888-9194.

I strongly encourage an email so you can tell me more about yourself and family and maybe even attach pictures of your house and other pets. 

Try to include the answers in the "Getting to Know You" section in your email.

The April 2021 Litter will not be registered with AKC. The adoption fee reflects this. 

Dam is AKC Registered

Sire is CKC Registered

Getting to Know You

  • Why do you want a beagle puppy?

  • Have you ever owned a beagle before?

  • Have you ever raised a puppy before?

  • Do you Own or Rent?

  • Is it an Apartment or a House?

  • Do you have a fenced yard? 

  • Who lives in your household?

  • Do you have children?

  • Other pets?

  • Who will be the primary caregiver of this puppy?

  • How long will the puppy be left alone during the day?

  • When do you wand to add a beagle puppy to your family.

  • Are you looking for a Girl or a Boy?

  • Are you going to introduce your puppy to the "Crate"

  • What else would you like me to know about you as a prospective home for one of my puppies?

Who I Adopt To

I match puppies to families. I do not simply place puppies on a first-come, first served basis.

The Adoption fee is the same regardless of sex, color, or purpose, because all of my puppies get the same care and require the same amount of effort to raise.

All puppies will have been seen by a vet, have their first shots and be de-wormed. Potty-training will also be started on a grassy surface. 

Deposits and Fees

Puppies are $1200 each

The Deposit to HOLD a puppy is $400

I will start looking at applications and talking to families as soon as I have confirmed the pregnancy with an ultrasound. 

After she gives birth the families can start choosing their new puppy and I will send weekly pictures so everyone can start bonding.

Applicants will be called in the order their application was received.

Choice of puppy is determined in the order the deposit is received.