About Beagles

Potty Training


Have some paper towels and cleaner handy! It’s inevitable that your new puppy will go potty on your floor. When a dog goes into a new place, there are so many new smells and things going on, that peeing on things just seems to make them feel more at ease.

Have a plan in place that includes the following:

  • A Word - Use a word or phrase so your dog understands and use it consistently. We use “Outside Potty”

  • A Crate – Make sure the crate fits the size of your puppy. You may need to upgrade or adjust the crate as the puppy grows. Put a big pillow or a puppy size bed in it to take up the space – only leave a very small area for the pup – keep it tight until they are fully potty trained. If there is extra space in the crate, the puppy will have accidents.

  • Choose a Spot - A carefully chosen spot outside that you will want your dog to use as the toilet will be the spot they use for the rest of their life. Plan out the best location to keep poop out of the way and easy to pick up.

  • Observation – Learn your new puppy/dog’s behavior. What is their signal to you that the need to go outside? It may be subtle. What do they do right before going potty? There are tell-tale signs and you need to look for them. You only have a few seconds before an accident happens inside the house.  The only way to properly potty train is to take the pup outside as SOON as they start THINKING about going potty.

  • Keep in Mind - A puppy will need to potty after every nap, drink and feeding. Take them outside often and soon they will learn.



Beagles have a double coat.  This means they have a downy, soft hair underneath, and long, guard hairs on top.  So they do shed and grooming should be done on a regular schedule. Monthly bathing and daily brushing will help keep your house clean and your dog happy.

Shampoo and condition your Beagle thoroughly, and then rinse even more thoroughly, especially under armpits and tummy and neck. Make sure to dry thoroughly, even the undercoat!

Ear Management

Because of their hanging ears, Beagles can develop yeast infections. Ears should be checked once a week. To clean use a lint-free towel (do not use paper towel!) to clean out the reachable areas.

If you notice any redness or bad smells your vet can give you some medicine to clear up the infection.

Beagles are Chewers! There are many options. Read the labels and avoid any PROCESSED products like rawhide or other man-made chewies.  Dogs (especially Beagles as they are scent hounds) are super sensitive to preservatives/pesticides/synthetic products and they should be avoided. 

A good chew toy isn't cheap!